Day 13 – 02/25/17 at the Barnhart Q5 Ranch

Day 13, today 02/25/17, was “ruff”. I heard the coyote about 8:30am but the winds were so bad they didn’t wanna come out of hiding. Really, it was a great morning when I got there at 6am. Was a little delayed cause I drove up to find the gate entry post damaged, had to figure out a way to get on to the property. It was cold, at 46┬░ and calm, not too bad at that hour, come 7:45am though someone turned on the fan, cause the winds were kickin’!!! Very uncomfortable when out in an camo blind being pelted from all angles. I was at the Center Trap and very little shielding around me. I decided to call it at 9:00am and made my way out. But as you can see by the flag, the winds were higher than the 13mph posted on the NWS page. Better luck next time. Love a good sunrise, and today was fabulous again!!!

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