Day 11 – 02/18/17 at the Barnhart Q5 Ranch

I was at the ranch by 6am and set up by 6:15am, it was dark and foggy, but I waited, and I waited, and I waited. Long wait!!! The sun was directly in front of me, but it was behind the fog and clouds. Made for a very interesting morning. I heard the cattle in the field to the southwest of me and as they were coming into the Center Trap, they saw a “strange thing” in their field. Scared them, again!!! LOL!! Anyways, sometimes it’s hard getting up in the morning and being somewhere before dawn, but it’s worth it. Next time I face west, might prove a better plan!! Went out hiking the northwestern pasture and then a little of the northeastern pasture. My “ride” is out due to the forward/reverse switch going bad. Ordered it last Saturday, the delivery has been a nightmare. The company somehow got me confused with a lady from Karnes City. Wow!!! Parts were delivered there Thursday. After contacting the company, they said they fixed it. NOT!! I received a notice on Friday from UPS saying they were here to pick up a part left here by mistake. Oh my. I found the other family and was able to pick up one part today, the other was picked up by UPS on Friday, but they refused to pick the second package up. Ish. Oh well, got one part now let’s see what happened to the one I really need!!! smh All I can do is laugh!!

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