Day 10 – 02/16/17 at the Barnhart Q5 Ranch

Day 10 was a “destress” day for me. Hadn’t been to the ranch in almost a week due to a cracked windshield. Turned out, the whole thing had to be replaced, done, now back to work!!!! Rough week at work too, so this was MY time. Found a bunch of pigs at the Southeast pasture by the Center Trap, looked like 30 as they ran off, but probably less than 15 since the majority were piglets. The landowner will probably be setting traps. As I was leaving, I saw them at a ranch next door in the field, the adult male was huge!!!! Glad they didn’t come back. I didn’t spot anything, but it was good to sit under the big blue sky and see God’s work in action!!! Hoping to get out there again 02/18/17. The sunrises and sunsets have been fabulous!!  s

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