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February 14, 2017
Our Heavenly Father is always looking out for us and leading us where we need to be when He wants us there. In 2012, I was humbled and thrilled to have had 3 of my photos accepted and published by Texas Parks and Wildlife. It was a dream of many years in the making. When I was a kid, 3rd grade (1st time around, was held back because of being raised with Spanish as a first language) I requested photos from TPWL and they were sent to me. I was fascinated with our Texas Wildlife and these photos inadvertently guided me to what I would someday do. As I grew older I picked up a camera and started learning more about wildlife. I even took a workshop with Leroy Williamson, a renown TPWL Photographer back in 1994-95. I had a little cheap 200mm lens on a Canon A2 camera, I thought I was going places. One thing that I always dreamt about, was someday being published in TPWL, the #1 Wildlife Magazine of Texas. I thank God for having given me this opportunity not only once, but now twice (one of my eagles was accepted for the March 2017 edition of Texas Parks and Wildlife, so look for it). This is a very awesome, humbling and blessed feeling. I teared up when I was told about it back in December 2016. And I thank God every day for being able to see His work in the wild. I also want to thank the other folks who helped hone the “gift” I have received: my Mom and Dad for sure, they supported me so much, Sean Fitzgerald, Larry Ditto, and Paul Denman to name a few!!! Thank you guys for putting up with me!!! Thank you all for being part of this page!!!!! God bless you!! Will post the photo later. These are from the 2012 submissions that made the magazine!!

Note posted on Facebook 02/23/17
It finally made it. The magazine hit the shelves today. Looks awesome. Again, to Him be the Glory, couldn’t have done it without His guidance, He always puts the right folks in my path!!! Great article about the eagles too!!! To all the young ladies and gents out there that doubt their abilities in the gifts they were blessed with. Don’t “bully” yourself by saying “I can’t do that!!!” Always believe in yourself, keep trying to better your gift, never give up, because with practice, you will make it better. Another person might have the same talent, but it’s how “you” use it and how “you” allow “Him” Above to use it for His works that make it right. Never doubt yourself, learn all you can about your “gift”. Study it, apply it, do good by it. You will be blessed big time, even if it is in your sunset years. Blessings to all!!

Texas Parks & Wildlife March 2017 Edition

Texas Parks & Wildlife 2012

Texas Parks & Wildlife 2012

Texas Parks & Wildlife 2012

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