Day 9 – 02/10/17 at the Barnhart Q5 Ranch

Love a good sunrise. Today, day 9, was another morning, but not what I was looking for. It will happen tho, just seems to happen when I need to be at work. Anyways, found my problem on my new Canon 7D Mark II, for anyone else who owns one. The exposure compensation needle is on the right side of the screen during Manual Mode Operation, that is why my Roadrunner photos were not what I wanted. I accidentally had it on Manual Mode and didn’t see the needle. Most of us are use to it being at the bottom of the screen. Very important to have the needle tell you if the exposure is correct when you make the photo. The needle is at the bottom on AV and TV, but not at Manual. Watch for it, it can mess up a shot. Have an awesome weekend!!

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