Day 8 – 02/05/17 at the Barnhart Q5 Ranch

I finally take my buggie out for spin and spotted 2 Roadrunners (1 first) the other followed and I grabbed my camera, and I went, darn, I forgot my tripod!!! ┬á We always try to take what we need into the field. Sometimes, you need everything, sometimes just a couple of things. Well, I needed my tripod. Had to rest the camera on the steering wheel, but still didn’t work so good. Then I had problems with exposure. Wasn’t watching my levels. The photos were way over exposed, they aren’t submission quality, so I thought I’d share this one. Too far away and a little weird looking (exposure levels) but viewable. The neat thing about this “blog” you will see my errors!! LOL ┬á Enjoy!! btw, my buggie stopped 10 times, guess I will need to get that forward/reverse switch after all!!

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